Iamai is a brand new studyline at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. You can graduate as engineer, mastering the use of artificial intelligence.

From Data to Artificial Intelligence (IAMAI) engineering degree programme is a new, innovative and practice-oriented way of studying data management and AI solutions. The program is developed and taught by Kajaani University of Applied Sciences (KAMK), located in Northern Finland. Here students have a great opportunity to learn-by-doing using the unique infrastructure, datacenter learning environment and supercomputer, both operated and administrated partly by students. In addition, the flexible study contents allow students to graduate in three years.

The studies concentrate mainly on the fundamentals of data management and AI:

  • data collection and preparation
  • infrastructure
  • application of data analytics and AI as well as
  • development of AI-based digital services.

The studies are currently taught only in Finnish. You can read more about the programme at KAMK’s website! (In Finnish)

Data, Artificial Intelligence and Education